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Oculus Rift's latest prototype features positional tracking, an OLED screen, and kills motion blur

Oculus Rift s latest prototype features positional tracking an OLED screen and kills motion blur hands on


Oculus Crystal Cove Prototype

And all of this looked far, far crisper than previous units -- that's due to the new OLED screen inside and a 30 millisecond lag time (down by half from the previous dev kit). As far as when all these new bells and whistles will arrive in developer hands is another question altogether -- we're told by Oculus that the Crystal Cove prototype is just that: a prototype. With around 46,000 dev kits out in the wild already, it's probably unfair to ask all those folks to re-buy kits. That said, we expect it won't be long before new dev kits are available, and not long after that for the world of VR to expand dramatically.

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This is pretty much the only interesting thing at CES, other than Michael Bay's breakdown.

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