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Can you trust "science?"

People are shocked that large numbers of people are losing faith in science. For that matter people seem to be losing faith in pretty much everything.  

Excellent piece in Forbes. 

When you make that life change based on 7 things proven by science or enter into that medical treatment it is important to realize you are really pretty much taking a random roll of the dice.



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A number of empirical studies show that 80-90% of the claims coming from supposedly scientific studies in major journals fail to replicate.  This is scandalous, and the problem is only likely to become worse with the proliferation of “predatory publishers” of many open-access journals.  According to an expose of these practices by Gina Kolata in the New York Times, the journals published by some of the worst offenders are nothing more than cash-generating machines that eagerly, uncritically accept essentially any submitted paper.

The word SCIENCE is abused heavily by self promoters.

And even when the scientific method is actually employed, it's in a controlled environment.

Which means Your Mileage May Vary.

Real scientists are highly skeptical and apply reason and common sense to everything.

To blindly trust anything is to roll the dice.

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