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Internet of Things to hit 26 billion units by 2020

While the exact form of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still nebulous, its size is not. According to new research from Gartner, it will include 26 billion units — excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones — by 2020. It will also have a global economic value of $1.9 trillion. Embedded Systems The conclusions are contained in a new Gartner report,Forecast. The Internet of Things, Worldwide 2013. It predicts that by 2020, the IoT will include 26 billion units a 30-fold increase since 2009 when it represented only 0.9 billion units.

To put this in some kind of context, its growth between now and the end of the decade will far outstrip that of smartphones, tablets, and PCs combined, which will have reached a level of 7.3 billion units over the same period,

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"Exact form is still nebulous" makes me wonder how they can be so sure about guessing 26 billion.

I have not done in depth search was reading Gartner's forecast, I am assuming they to their research  and according to this report there is a market  

analysis .. overall I believe there is a big market for Internet of Things as long as key players take into consideration that "security" will also play another big role in this sector of Internet of Things. 

Adam I am not a technologist nor am I am that savvy when it comes to the making of technology - I am a user of technology and I work with a few technologist to support my work and find me a solution.  I love to look at where the sector is heading when it comes to the digital age because of the kind of work I am doing. My goal is to  develop a unique platform in the fashion /luxury sector and for education. All I need is funding to complete it and till I get to the funding part I look at where this sector is  heading.  This is an interesting post to read

Well, I believe there is a lot of hype around the Internet of things.

I'm just not sure that it will happen the way analysts think.

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