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Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky: Game publishers will evolve or die (interview) | VentureBeat

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Lasky: It’s unclear. I think the value of what the incumbents offer isn’t clear. The incumbents, I think, still believe that they bring a lot of marketing reach to the table in terms of discovery. What we’ve found is that we’re in an era now where it’s so frictionless to find things that you want to find — the social media are amplifying hits to a higher degree.

We have Riot Games as an example. Here’s a game where we did zero acquisition marketing. We really did very little marketing of any kind for it. And in a period of two years, we have 42 million downloads. That’s the size of Xbox Live. That’s an enormous captive audience. A company can use that audience to launch new products that lower the cost of acquisition.


The whole read is interesting.

If they did zero acquisition marketing, how the heck did they get 42 million downloads?

Just social media?

He's saying that their games are just that good...

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