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How Quickly Can You Gain Weight? | Fitness Coach |

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As you gain weight, your body’s energy requirements increase as well. To keep gaining weight, you’ll have to consume more and more extra calories. “A person who consumes an extra cookie every day,” the researchers wrote, “will initially experience weight gain, but over time an increasing proportion of the cookie’s calories will go into repairing, replacing, and carrying the extra body tissue. After a few years of daily cookie eating, weight gain will level out at approximately 2.7 kg (6 lb).”

Wait, what?

6lb for 1 cookie?!!  Not worth it ;)

730 cookies, Janill.  730 cookies!!

OK, that is a lot of cookies, but I'll have 2 cookies a week, and delay the gain ;)

If only that were possible, to delay the gain...

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