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AR should be the death of QR -- faster please!

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Finally, an Alternative to the Much-Hated QR Code

How did QR codes get so popular so quickly?

It's impossible to separate that question from the question: how did smartphones get so popular so quickly?   It's impossible to type any Web URL into them....

Oh, I see. Smartphones chose a dumb technology for procuring Web URLs.

I think that's what Kerosene and a Match was all about.  It used a GPS filter on the top 25 items of 'visual' interest at any location and could identify them from any angle a user could view them from very quickly using the mobile GPU and really fast edge detection algorithms.  We even went a step further to annotate those in situ objects with live info feeds like twitter.  The whole value was, never having to type anything into your phone to get really useful information and social interaction.   Once you start typing instead of using pictures it's all over. 

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