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What if what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas? | LinkedIn

I also was very interested in the Lumo Lift, which like the June bracelet, has a single function which is to improve posture. This magnetic chip that attaches to clothing like a pin closely monitors the wearer’s posture. If the wearer slouches or adapts a “closed” position, Lumo Lift sends a light vibration, signaling to the wearer that he needs to correct himself. Much like the Fuelband, the lift also monitors steps taken and calories burned.

It’s the sheer quantity of outrageous inventions that makes CES so unique. I hope that the gadgets in the above list make their way into our daily lives. But if not, no big deal, we’ll always have CES 2015!

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Just like your mom telling you to stand up straight!


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I go back and forth between "cool new technology!" and "do you jerks realize how many people are hurting in the current economy and all you can focus on is building things people can't afford?"

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