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A Google Programmer 'Blew Off' A $500,000 Salary At Startup β€” Because He's Already Making $3 Million Every Year

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Google has an industry-wide reputation for getting β€” and keeping β€” the people it wants.

It's pretty impressive, for example, that Google was able to remove Andy Rubin from the top of Android and still manage to keep him inside the company, working on robots.

This is a credit to CEO Larry Page. He's made Google into a place where really bright people get to work on extremely ambitious, large-scale problems. Before he took over Google as CEO in 2011, the company was losing a lot of people to startups like Facebook and Twitter. Now, not so much.

It is also a credit to the power of money, which Google has a lot of.

Update:Β On Twitter, ex-Googler Hunter Walk (now a VC)Β warns other startups: "TheΒ *worst* way to recruit from Google is with money. For anyone really good, Google will outbid you. So you're left with the ones they don't want to retain."

Google definitely has more money than anyone.

The only way to recruit from Google is with mission.

I often question the standards, by which houses like business insider are operating...Some guy told that the other guy.... Very insightful info.

I've tried going after Googlers (and some Applers too), but even when you get a candidate excited about what we're doing, it's hard to argue with a bottomless pit of money.....

That's true. Bottom line is anyone who's swayed by money is not leaving Google.