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Vernon Davis TD catch gif 2014 Playoffs Niners Panthers

AMAZING catch, Vernon Davis!

Vernon Davis catch gif Imgur 2014 Playoffs Niners Panthers 49ers touchdown

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Originally ruled incomplete. And Harbaugh rushes the field to set the refs straight...

Jim Harbaugh running on field penalty gif Imgur Niners Panthers playoffs 2014 49ers

Niners Panthers is a tough physical game, right Anquan Boldin?

Anquan Boldin headbutts Mike Mitchell gif Niners Panthers 2014 playoffs 1-12-2014

2011 draft: Newton 1, Locker 8, Gabbert 10, Ponder 12, Dalton 35... Then Kaepernick and Wilson.


How about that Kaep Victory Dance with Newton Superman move? He's mocking as well as rocking!

Colin Kaepernick dancing Cam Newton superman touchdown celebration gif 2014 Panthers 49ers playoffs

Colin Kaepernick victory dance gif 2014 playoffs Panthers Cam Newton superman TD celebration Niners 49ers touchdown 1-12-2014

Bigger! With more swagger!

Colin Kaepernick mocks Cam Newton Superman touchdown celebration gif imgur playoffs 2014

Ahmad Brooks jumps over the O line:

Ahmad Brooks jumps over Panthers O line gif

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