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Map Of Fictional Places

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Wow, never knew I lived so close to Mars ;)

Hey hey!  I live a quick car-jacking from Vice City and quick yacht-jacking from the Nambutu Embassy!  

Gotham is not in New York?!

Simpsons is in Oregon?!

Right?  I thought the Simpsons lived somewhat closer to the Griffins.

Some places seem to be where the fictional city is set, others maybe are where they were filmed? ie Arakis (Dune) is not set on Earth, let alone in the Tijuana region of Mexico.

Blue lines are "film locations" and pink lines are "supposed locations".

Ever wonder where exactly King Kong came from?

We know the the fictional giant ape came from Skull Island, and according to this map from WONDERNODE, that is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The inventive map also proves that there's more going on in Antarctica than most people think.

Check it out: larger version.

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