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Super Mario We Are Pregnant gif

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TIL women get pregnant when you give them the mushroom.

That looked like two mushrooms to me.

Reminds me of this classic Imguraffe Bros gif:

imguraffe bros gif super mario giraffe imgur

By Imgurian @overloadedcoffee ... I would play this!

Was that Miley on the wrecking ball, and the Breaking Bad RV?  or am I reading too much into it?

You are correct. Themes of Imgur -- those you named plus grumpy cat, Nyan cat, Patrick star, Betonce, doctor who, the iron throne, the eye of Sauron, the Bluth banana stand, walking dead, Reddit alien -- pop up all over the game in addition to the two you mentioned. It's quite an homage!

Super Mario Imgur upvote gif

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