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Has anyone tried SEOMoz, is it effective?

Of course, the proof is if you find it when you search for "SEO" or "SEO software" - I guess you don't see it high!

I've never tried them.

There are a lot of anecdotes that say they're great, for example:

On the other hand, even TechCrunch has not covered them much:

Please let us know what you learn from seeing their CEO Rand Fishkin talk tonite:

Rand Fishkin is a great speaker with some neat ideas on SEO. Slideshare - Great anecdote at the top about how he and his mom ran up $450K in credit card debt before figuring out how to make money doing SEO for other companies (originally direct marketing). Dad did not know about the debt, and they wanted to keep it that way, so bankruptcy was not an option. SEO consulting -> SEO software. Small VC round - unsuccessful rounds later.

Gaining Traction: Inbound Marketing for Startups View more presentations from Rand Fishkin

He contrasted the difference between interruption advertising and "inbound" (links/feeds/etc.) and how nobody really wants interruption advertising (like an ad right in the middle of your Angry Birds game). Interruption advertising "keeps us from doing what we want". How then to get "inbound"?

"You don't buy those visitors, you earn them."

Inbound marketing. Any tactic that relies on earning people's interest rather than buying it.

10 ideas - see deck for links, etc.:

1. Create Sharing Incentives (the sharer needs to look good)

2. Mine the Social Web for Engagement Opportunities

3. Create and Spread Embeddable Content

4. Make Your Data Interesting; Share It

5. Mine Your Twitter Followers, Emails, etc.

6. Use Social to Connect w/ Journalists + Bloggers (good link to followerwonk)

7. Build Features that Require and/or Reward Sharing (dropbox)

8. Give Your Community a Platform (forum boards)

9. Rel=Author & Video XML Sitemaps (apparently you can inject photos or videos in Google search results making #3 position even better than #1+#2)

10. Create a Top X infuencers in your industry (and by vanity everyone will link to it.. every month)

According to his revenue charts, there are about 10K users at 100/month. So people do pay for their services.

P.S. Hmm do I add pictures to my post so that everyone will Props me?

Excellent notes! supports a lot of basic HTML so please use the IMG SRC= convention in angle brackets. Bonus points if you wrap it in A HREF= so it links to something. ;)

Thought I'd drop the video link here. Watched it last night and was delightfully surprised by his presentation.

Kudos Jonathan!

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