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Psychonauts - Wikipedia entry

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In August 2011, Psychonauts was removed from Xbox Live Marketplace as Majesco no longer held the publishing rights to the game. As Microsoft does not allow unpublished content on the Marketplace it was removed. Tim Schafer stated, in an online post, "We are working with Microsoft right now to get it re-propped to the system but there is a lot of red tape to melt with our minds." It returned to the Xbox Live Marketplace on February 24, 2012.[44]

On May 31, 2012, Psychonauts was announced as a part of Humble Indie Bundle V.[45] Schafer, commenting in a Reddit "Ask me Anything" panel with other developers of games in the Bundle, stated that sales of Psychonauts exceed past sales of the game within the "first few hours" of the Bundle going live.[46]


woo <3 Psychonauts, i still got the original xbox disk

I wonder why it's so hard to find a publisher:

Tim Schafer has repeatedly expressed interest in working on the Psychonauts franchise again in the future, as of November 2010, no sequel is in development. The development of the sequel would require a publisher that was interested in the game. Schafer believes that widespread, inexpensive distribution of Psychonauts through both legitimate means such as digital distribution and illegitimate means of software piracy indicates that there would be a large market for the game's sequel.

I think because the game -- while well-reviewed -- did not sell well enough to justify the retail expense to publish.

Enter: Humble Bundle

I wonder if they'll consider doing iOS.

Hopefully! I mean, the Wikipedia article says 400k copies sold. Hard to believe that's not enough to publish!

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