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North Korea in grip of drugs epidemic, report claims

North Korea in grip of drugs epidemic, report claims -

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"North Korea's sanction-hit regime has long been accused of drug trafficking as a source of hard currency, but a new report claims drug producers are finding a ready market closer to home and that as many as two-thirds of North Koreans have used methamphetamines."  

So much going on in that country, it's very complicated for change to come about, or to help in any way :(

Two thirds?! Yikes.

It makes more economic sense for them to sell the meth locally than to ship it overseas:

That is 2/3 that have used it, not that it is a regular habit, but that still is a lot!  They might get a higher price overseas, and be able to sell a larger quantity.

Meth is an addictive drug so the implication is there are many meth addicts in North Korea.

Yes, out of 2/3 who have tried it, probably a good portion have become addicted, it would be a great way to control people.

Oh, that's so sad. So very sad.

Yes, the whole situation over there is very sad.  I don't see how they will end it, in any good way, it's probably going to end in a very bad way :(  They are unable to form any resistance within, due to others will turn you in for going against the leaders, and no one from outside wants to touch it due to all the parties involved.  I've heard that the North has many missiles pointed at the South, so that adds more to this complex problem.  It really makes you realize how much it is luck of the draw, where you were born, life could have been very different being born in a country like that.

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