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Here Are the Countries That Drink the Most Coffee (The U.S. Isn't in the Top 10) - Roberto A. Ferdman - The Atlantic

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China is ripe for a java invasion.

As is USA:

Which Countries Drink the Most Coffee per Capita? - PandaWhale

2.414 cups per day?  I drink that many cups of coffee in the morning before I have my first cup of coffee. 

How big are your coffee cups?

Coffee, cheese, and wine are among the most sought-after commodities in China now (so I've heard/read).  More of that Western good-stuff/good-life importation, along with its rise as Consumption King.

That graph... you can correlate that with Happiness/Standard of Living too, with Northern Europe being at the top.

I'd like to see juxtaposition with a graph of Tea, same metrics.

That's an interesting insight about China.

World's biggest tea drinkers:

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