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How to Conquer Procrastination

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If I’m a procrastinator, how do I make myself change my ways?

Well, first and most important, you have to want to change. Without a commitment, no technique will help. If you are committed to change, I know that three things will make a difference.

1. Move from broad goal intentions to specific implementation intentions. Instead of saying, “I’ll get that project done this weekend,” say “As soon as I finish breakfast Saturday morning, I will start the first part of project X.”

2. Recognize the emotional component of procrastination. You won’t necessarily feel like it when the moment for actions arrives. However, don’t give in to feel good through avoidant coping.

3. Understand that your motivational state doesn’t have to match the task at hand. Attitudes will follow behavior, so just get started on the task. A little goal progress fuels our well-being and our motivation.

I guess changing anything always starts with the same precept: you must WANT to change and make a COMMITMENT. Those are so simple, yet so difficult at the same time.

Yes. Follow through is hard or we would not even give it thought.

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