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Romney is his own worst enemy.

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It's six months after the following was written, and we're still waiting for his tax returns:

The latest is Romney’s response to questions about his tax returns. Romney declared that he would wait until April to release his returns, but previewed the event by predicting he pays a 15 percent federal tax rate, making him the beneficiary of conservatives’ favorite tax breaks, the capital gains preference and the carried-interest loophole, both of which allow very rich investors to pay a lower tax rate on their income than many people who make a fraction of their income. Romney compounded his problems by noting, as an aside, that he gets “not very much” income from speakers’ fees, a sum that turns out to be, um, $374,327.62.

Romney declared “I like to be able to fire people who provide services to me.” He described concern about rising inequality as “envy,” suggested only people who are independently wealthy should run for office, suggested inequality should be discussed only in “quiet rooms,” laid down a $10,000 bet in a debate with Rick Perry, deemed corporations to be people, and jokingly referred to himself as “unemployed.” He has done the work of an opposition researcher on himself.

The Romney has been in 2012 is utterly devastating: a wealthy man who helped create the laws that accelerated the wealth inequality in America.

Sure it's legal for him to have $100 million in his IRA (and countless more wealth in other tax shelters) -- but is it right?

Romney seems blithe about the gap between his privilege and the lot of most Americans.

23% of American children live in poverty.

He has been planning to run for president, easily, for the last two decades. It's surprising that he did not plan for this.


If this is how he planned, he would make a terrible President.

Because we finally have an issue he cannot flip flop his rhetoric on: What were his ACTUAL tax returns of the last decade?

His lack of understanding of how he comes across has been present all his life: see Slate article

His lack of empathy has existed in him throughout his life, from making his dog ride on the roof of his car, to bullying a weaker person in school:

Poor planning + poor understanding + poor empathy = bad President

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