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LEGO Braiding Machine makes Wristband ! « Nico71's Creations

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This is so very cool:

After my mechanical loom is 2012, I wanted to build more specific weaving and braiding machine. After months of research, I came back with a new idea based on rope maker : a braiding machine which can make of course rope but also wristband ! Then, I have started in April of 2013 to make some prototype of weaving and braiding machine and succeeded in making one truly functional in December of 2013.

LEGO weaving braiding machine imgur

How does it work?

Basically, the braiding machine is composed of :

  • A frame, mainly in yellow color which handles the mechanisms and features
  • A big drum in gray color with the big circle which can rotate (driven by a turntable)
  • 3 planetary devices which support 3 reels each and can also rotate (driven by a linked-chain)
  • 3 reels on each planetary (therefore 9 reels) which can also rotate (driven also by 3 linked- chains)
  • 3 die for weaving 3 strings in one (will be called the planetary dies)
  • A principal die which weave the whole 3 weaves from planetaries in only one final weave
  • A mechanism for pulling the whole weave
  • A final drum system with alternate moving winding system to store the fabric

LEGO weaving braiding machine Imgur

Everything started on the planetary system. 3 Reels are attached in one planetary. During the rotation of the principal drum, the three planetary turn in counterclockwise, while the 3 reels on each planetary turn in clockwise. You can see on the picture the main chain-link which drives the whole planetary and on the front the chain which drives the 3 reels on a planetary.

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