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Innovation thoughts: Rayhan Rafiq Omar | 10 ways startups get screwed

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Accelerators are not idea-stage, at all. The only exception is Y-Combinator. They are a bit special and their track record of accepting people with no traction (just talent) and helping/cajoling them into solving a problem is fairly unique. Otherwise, accelerator programmes are just an excuse to sift through all of you to cherry pick those with ‘traction’.


Absolutely, true. None of the incubators actually incubate ideas. YC is truly one of the few seed stage investment firms.

Actually I think AngelPad is quietly building a string of successes.

And StartX from Stanford is pretty amazing.

True. AP seems to be run by Xooglers but also support mostly Xooglers. StartX requires one Stanford student on the team. However, I agree, they are phenomenal organizations.

So Xooglers and Stanford alums have decent accelerators.

Let's hope everyone else gets decent accelerators soon, too. :)

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