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A Survivor’s Guide to Bullies, Backstabbers and Bastards

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Good advice ;)

Actually, I ignored most of this article except for this:

Realize You Won’t Change Them. It is only once in a blue moon when bad managers change, and it’s typically only after harsh intervention from those above them, not below. So don’t expect them to suddenly become more touchy-feely or “get” you. If you are going to stay working for them, you need to make peace with your situation and find fulfillment elsewhere in your life.

Get Out of Dodge. There are times when, for the sake of those you love and for your own sanity, you have to transfer to another department or leave the company entirely. Do so on good terms (you may want to come back one day after the boss has been led from the building in shackles). Find a place to land before you bolt.

Move On. The best revenge is to live well. Take solace in the fact that when you wake up in the morning you are a good person. Forgive them their errors, and don’t spend a minute more thinking about them. Enjoy your life and your family.

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