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N.S.A out of control says Sen Bernie Sanders

Catch this video.... I found Sen Bernie Sanders' interview to the point. I believe we as digital activists and activists in general are now under threat and those of us who are not based in the U.S.A. He has my support in I fight for my own end point privacy, protection and safety rights in the 21st century digital age asking technologists to find a solution... as a digital activist and activists speaking about these issues must have protection and safety rights, when it comes to human rights side of things as civil society globally and have some sort of digital protection rights when it comes to our digital information and data rights from an end point of view in the tech sector...would you all not agree if you believe in privacy, safety and protection rights in general globally.

The N.S.A out of control 


Bernie Sanders NSA rant meme

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Interesting to see Obama come out so pro-NSA. He must know something we don't know.

At least they're having a debate. That's a good thing.

Yes they are having a debate... be interesting to see the outcome? ultimately we are all utilizing devices, technology and Internet and living in a digital landscape most of the time, "techno zombies" can't do without our devices and I believe  something soon will surface that will give the end user rights to their "data" ....I am assuming every politicians should be concerned about their information and data being tracked or intercepted..AHHH .life is a bitch and we die and nothing goes with us. Here is another read

“I am writing today to ask you one very simple question. Has the NSA spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?" — US Senator Sanders, in a letter to NSA Director Keith Alexander

'We were all looking at the president’s speech the wrong way. It was billed as a major speech on reform to the nation’s intelligence programs. But although some genuine reforms were introduced, the speech really wasn’t about reform. It was about saving the NSA’s most controversial tactic, as revealed by Edward Snowden, which is to “collect it all.”'


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