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Creativity seldom follows the path of least resistance. ~Tom and David Kelley of IDEO

"Creativity seldom follows the path of least resistance." My favorite quote in @creativeconfidence @ideo
10:42 AM Jan 16 2014

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David Kelley's TED talk:

For more, see their website:

Was just listening to this audiobook today!  I would even say that the friction of resistance is what creates the spark of creativity.

A friend and I have started a podcast on the origins of creativity in which we also hope to encourage others to "pet the snake".  It's called Creative Confidants. (see what we did there??)  I'd love to hear everyone's feedback!



Creative Confidants is a good name, Jason.

Most of our readers are quiet so I would not expect much feedback here.

That said, thank you for sharing this podcast.

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