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Westerners are so convinced China is a dystopian hellscape they’ll share anything that confirms it - Quartz

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When it comes to China stories, people will believe almost anything. Take, for instance, the reports about pollution being so severe in Beijing that residents now watch radiant sunrises broadcast on a huge screen in Tiananmen Square.

So, that never happened. As Tech in Asia flags, the sunrise is a clip from a tourism ad for Shandong province, in China’s northeast; it’s on screen for maybe 10 seconds or so per loop.

But that didn’t prevent a slew of prominent media outlets—including Time, CBS News and the Huffington Post—from running the story, which originated in the UK-based Daily Mail, each taking their own liberties with the truth. The “glorious sunrise was broadcast as part of a patriotic video loop,” explained Time.

So... We've been fed lies?

It seems we are hungry for lies.

it's difficult to get reality out of China, so the MSM settles for memes

But so many people from the West visit China, there's lots of opportunities for truth.

how well does truth sell?

Surprisingly well person-to-person. Surprisingly poorly in broadcast situations.

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