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An Oculus Rift art exhibit shows wearers what it's like to swap bodies

An Oculus Rift art exhibit shows wearers what it s like to swap bodies The Verge


Long-running performance art installation The Machine to be Another is a literal, perhaps radical take on the Oculus Rift's promise to let you simulate being anywhere or anyone. In what the artists call the "gender swap" experiment, two people stand in a room, each wearing a Rift headset. They agree on and synchronize their movements, rubbing hands over stomachs or taking off shoes. But while they feel their own bodies, they "see" out of each other's eyes. The most dramatic examples are men and women looking at themselves as another gender, but body size and build seem disorienting as well: what's it like for a tall, heavy man to become slight, and vice versa?

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An app that lets you feel what it's like to be any body type is ALMOST as cool as a nanobot that will change your actual cells to make it so.

We're getting closer to the Singularity.

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