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Obama's NSA Reforms Interview with Julian Assange

Activist Post: Obama’s NSA Reforms Speech “Embarrassing” – Julian AssangeWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on CNN on Friday responded to President Barack Obama's speech on changes to the NSA's metadata collecting program.

Julian Assange reacted to Obama’s speech on CNN and remarked that “it’s embarrassing for a head of state to go on for 45 minutes like that and say almost nothing.” 

Assange insisted that Obama would not have made that speech today “were it not for the actions of Edward Snowden,” yet the reforms he proposed are rather weak and simply deferrals to Congress and review boards. He went off on the secrecy of the FISA court and expressed his dismay with the lack of “any meaningful protection for U.S. business.”  Assange then charged, “We heard a lot of lies in this speech by Obama.” As an example, he pointed to the president saying there has been no abuse by the NSA, which has already been demonstrated to be incorrect.

Video with Assange: #t=75

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Assange and Obama have different definitions of abuse.

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