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What do Batman fan films say about what we want from Batman? | A.V. Club

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Unlicensed films featuring copyrighted characters have been around for almost as long as films have been around. And Batman is no stranger to unofficial adventures, including a whole series of Filipino knock-offs released from the mid-’60s through the early ’70s). But with the spread of affordable and easy-to-use cameras and editing software that began in the late ’90s, fan films took off around the turn of the decade, and Batman has become one of their most popular subjects.

Some of those fan fictions are amazing! I loved this one:

It’s technically impressive, realizing a threatening, rain-drenched, but recognizably contemporary Gotham a couple of years before Nolan ran with that idea in Batman Begins. It also satisfies a bit of fannish wish-fulfillment. Not only does Batman confront The Joker, he also has to fight the xenomorph from Alien and a Predator. Those franchise crossovers had previously occurred in comics, but seemed unlikely to happen in any officially licensed film.

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