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Activist dealing with cyber threats

“The hacker or intruder has a way to secretly get into your device and or your hard drive, then into your life... are we all that safe when it comes to dark side of the internet and the dark side of humanity? and we all live in the digital age.  Hacker is watching you ..Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)  threats  are not a new threats, according to Renesys, an Internet data analytic group, recently published a report noting an “uptick in route hijacking with traffic redirection,” dubbing it “the new threat.” Here’s how it works. When someone opens a webpage, data is sent from the ISP’s server to the website’s host server and back, calling up the website for view. An MITM attack interposes a third computer in between the ISP’s server and the website’s host server, filtering the information between the two.

Now here is an interesting post "Vietnam's 'Cyber Troops' Take Fight to US, France"Working on her blog in California one day, Vietnamese democracy activist Ngoc Thu sensed something was wrong. It took a moment for a keystroke to register. Cut-and-paste wasn't working. She had "a feeling that somebody was there" inside her computer. Her hunch turned out to be right.

A few days later, her personal emails and photos were displayed on the blog, along with defamatory messages. She couldn't delete them; she was blocked out of her own site for several days as her attackers kept posting private details. More on


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In practice these kinds of attacks are rare.

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