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Human Rights Watch annual report 2014

Human Rights Watch annual report 2014 criticises NSA mass surveillanceStates with poor human rights records may use spying scandal as excuse to clamp down on internet freedom, report warn  Human Rights Watch annual report 2014 criticises NSA mass surveillance

NSA: Human Rights Watch criticises Obama's ... - The Guardian

World Report 2014 is Human Rights Watch’s 24th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. It summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide, drawing on events through November 2013.

Reflecting on the “Rights Struggles of 2013,” Executive Director Kenneth Roth highlights the slaughter of civilians in Syria in the face of a weak international response; “abusive majoritarianism” among governments who voice commitment to democracy but in reality use the real or perceived preferences of the majority to limit dissent and suppress minorities; and new disclosures in the United States about the use of dragnet surveillance and targeted drone killings.

The World Report reflects extensive investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2013, in close partnership with human rights activists on the ground. Human Rights Watch full report:


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Overall does it feel like things are getting better or getting worse?

In the case of NSA I believe things are getting worse..if we see posts many advocates, activists and org such as HRW is now starting to speak...yet when a group of us were speaking of these issues in early 2004 concerning our (innocent individual's ) data rights globally, most individuals  I would speak to turned a blind eye towards me concerning the issue of our end point rights for data protection, safety and privacy and this includes the United Nation's agency ITU and now that Snowden made the leaks so public everyone is now so concerned..people thought I was out to lunch and blew me off, mind blowing.....all of sudden everyone is waking up.  According to the post on Guardian "Human Rights Watch had taken little solace from President Barack Obama's speech last Friday, Roth said. "Obama said there will be no more spying on Angela Merkel. Great! But what concerns us is the US government spying on ordinary people. He didn't say we have a right to privacy. He just said: we'll tread more carefully. What use is the government promising to restrain itself if it doesn't give anyone the chance to challenge that restraint in court?"

Then it's our responsibility to keep pushing our leaders to do the right thing.

I feel like things are getting better because it IS out in the open and people ARE pushing our leaders.

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