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The bitterness of poor quality

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No time to waste, start investing in your quality and productivity now! Your customers will love you for it.

When using an agile approach, the result of each iteration should be a 'shippable product increment', which we can inspect and validate against acceptance criteria and non-functional requirements on a User Story level. But we are also able to assess how the product holds up against the Product Vision we are trying to realize.

Quality is Free

Another quote I love is one from Philip B. Crosby: “Quality is Free”. This quote is from the sixties, and wasn’t really intended for Software projects back then, but it actually does apply there too. What he meant with the quote was that any investment you make to prevent defects will pay itself back. When you consider the cost of resolving defects and the time of discovery, you will find it is quite worthwhile to invest in unit test and integration tests.

It's a good mantra in general, but there is an exception.

Quality is free IF you can afford the time to make it great.

Quality is not free if you are fighting for survival. Then the tradeoff between money and time is clearer.

Nothing compares to a good product.

The good enough is the enemy of the good.

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