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The Group Shred from All I Can

Amazing work with the filming and editing.

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Dare I ask what a group shred is?

I guess shredding is also a reference to music

"Shred guitar or shredding is a lead playing style for the electric guitar, based on various fast soloing techniques. Critics have stated that shred guitar is associated with "sweep-picked arpeggios, diminished and harmonic minor scales, finger-tapping and whammy-bar abuse."

The shredding around the skier/snowboarding world, means to aggressively ski/board the hill, it looks like the term originated in the skateboarding community.  You can add gnar (gnarly) in, and you get even more interesting skier/boarder lingo, as in, "Whoa man, you were really shredding the gnar hard, when you launched off that cliff today."

Some interesting banter about the phrase "shredding the gnar" 

So a group shred, is a bunch of skiers/snowboarders hitting it hard, aggressively skiing/boarding the slopes.

Wild -- it seems like skiiing is a sport where aggression is dangerous.

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