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Android Needs Parental Control: An In-app Purchase Story | John C. Bland II

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Google Play lets you have a pin now, but still, it's by far the clunkiest feature on Android.

I truly wonder why Google hasn't invested more in making Google Play great for parents.

Hopefully this is high on their priority list, Greg.

Three releases and counting....

I have no love for iphone/ios/itunes this morning either. I have a dozen games on my iphone that were downloaded over wifi. Synching to my itunes, icloud ignores the local copy and wants to spend 72 minutes redownloading all of them from the store. It can't tell it's already there? I think icloud needs a little brains too.


If this isn't a 3.0 feature I'm not sure what is. :)

sorry duplicate..please delete.

No worries. You can delete it yourself or edit it with another comment. :)

Please try our "Kids Place - Parental Control app". It will block in-app purchase; access to marketplace and ads. You just need to add the apps that you want your kids to use and it will block rest of the apps on device from your kids.

Its free; without any ads and very easy to use for both parents and kids.

Great idea. Thank you Kiddoware!

Thanks for the recommendation. The other thing that bugs me is that all the Disney apps, no matter how you try to set them up to never send alerts, messages, or notifications, always after some period of time send you alerts, messages and notifications. I've never seen such a brazen set of apps before. One of the, Where's my Water, is a fun game for the kids, so I put up with it, but even the notifications toggle--which is confusing to say the least--gets reset all the time when the game thinks you aren't paying it enough attention.


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