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'Rich Kids Of Instagram' Epitomizes Everything That's Wrong With Instagram - Business Insider

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I ageee that such conspicuous consumption is only going to add to more class warfare.

@richkidsofinsta on Twitter and richkidsofinstagram on Tumblr.

Amazing how unaware these rich kids truly are.

Is it the kids fault or their parents? Both, right? A 13 year old should be curious enough about the world to venture forth and see some of the world outside of their lifestyle of wealth? I imagine, like most of the age group, they are under-read (the cheapest and easiest way to learn perspective). There is also a security concern here tied into that class warfare aspect. It's scary to have your kids face all over facebook. It is even more scary when they are tied to money, right?

Absolutely it's both, but teenagers don't know how to make good decisions.

So it's mainly the parents.

But yes, I wish teenagers would read more.

Really interesting article I might have missed. Thanks for posting.

I think there's a development step for teenagers that sorta requires that they experiment and rebel. I don't think that's a bad thing. I think posing, posturing or otherwise trying on different personas is part of that process. (Heck, I live in Berkeley and see this every day, but that's a different topic).

Weird thing is how this takes on an "I'm rich and you're not" tone. Sadly, I don't think this is new -- or really related to Instagram. If you've ever seen "My Sweet Sixteen" a reality show about uberrich kids sweet sixteen birthday parties... well, trust me, it's not Instagram. I have to wonder whether @richkidsofinsta and richkidsofinstagram is creating celebrities like My Sweet Sixteen  did, or making fun of it. (It's great having access to teenagers to ask questions like that.)

I believe RichKidsOfInstagram is making fun of them.

With the U.S. with 23 percent of children living in poverty, such ostentatious teenagers (whether ironic or rebellious) come across as spoiled brats without empathy.

Ah, well, I'll agree with you there.

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