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ScienceDebate 2012 | The Questions

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"Whenever the people are well-informed," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "they can be trusted with their own government." 

Science now affects every aspect of life and is an increasingly

important topic in national policymaking. invited

thousands of scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to submit what they felt were the the most important science questions

facing the nation that the candidates for president should be debating

on the campaign trail. 

ScienceDebate then worked with the leading US

science and engineering organizations listed at left to refine the

questions and arrive at a universal consensus on what the most important science policy questions facing the United States are in 2012.

a few of good

1. Innovation and the Economy. Science and technology have been responsible for over half of the growth of the U.S. economy since WWII, when the federal government first prioritized peacetime science mobilization. But several recent reports question America’s continued leadership in these vital areas. What policies will best ensure that America remains a world leader in innovation?

9. The Internet. The Internet plays a central role in both our economy and our society. What role, if any, should the federal government play in managing the Internet to ensure its robust social, scientific, and economic role?

12. Space. The United States is currently in a major discussion over our national goals in space. What should America's space exploration and utilization goals be in the 21st century and what steps should the government take to help achieve them?

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