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4 Lifehacks From Ancient Philosophers That Will Make You Happier

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Today I learned that self-denial exercises the willpower muscles:

3) Make It A Treat

We want everything and we want it yesterday.

The Stoics, on the other hand, used to deliberately walk around on cold days without a coat. Or skip meals to become hungry. Why?

Denying yourself something makes you appreciate the things you take for granted.

Ancient advice? Yeah, it sounds like something my grandfather would have said. But science agrees wholeheartedly.

Harvard professor and author of Happy MoneyMichael Norton says a bit of self-denial is a huge happiness booster:

if you love, every day, having the same coffee, don’t have it for a few days. Once you have it again, it’s going to be way more amazing than all of the ones that you would have had in the meantime… It’s not “give it up forever.” It’s “give it up for short periods of time, and I promise you you’re going to love it even more when you come back to it.”

Making the things you take for granted into “a treat” is something the ancients and scientists agree on. Plus it has other benefits too.

Grandpa was right: it does make you tougher to go without. It increases willpower.

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This is good stuff. I am going to give up going to work for a few days so I can enjoy it more when I finally go back. :-) 

I'm certain there's something flawed in that logic, but I cannot quite pinpoint it.

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