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Black Car Competitor Accuses Uber Of DDoS-Style Attack

Black Car Competitor Accuses Uber Of DDoS Style Attack; Uber Admits Tactics Are Too Aggressive TechCrunch


To welcome its competitor to New York, Gett claims that, over a span of three days last week, Uber employees ordered and then cancelled more than 100 of its cars.

Gett CEO Jing Herman equates Uber’s move to a malicious denial-of-service attack, as more than a dozen Uber employees worked together to request rides from its competitor. In some cases, the CEO says, they would wait until the Gett cars had nearly arrived before canceling their order.

Once they requested a Gett car, the Uber employees would have access to the driver’s number. On Tuesday, one of these Uber employees then texted as many of the drivers as they could, attempting to recruit them into the fold. In copies of the text shared with TechCrunch by Gett, the Uber employee offered Gett drivers money to come over to their camp — not unlike the methods they’ve previously used on mustachioed competitor, Lyft.

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Uber is a Darwinian company. They believe in natural selection and fighting any way they can to survive.

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