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The dumb state of the smart home

The dumb state of the smart home The Verge


Home automation is a mess — same as it’s been been for the last decade. What’s different now is that people are buying wireless products like the Nest thermostat, Sonos speakers, and Philips Hue light bulbs to solve very specific home automation needs. And it won’t be long until those same consumers think, "What if I could connect all of these so that the heat, music, and lights come on whenever I return home from work?" We’re already building our smart houses piece by piece, but we’re still waiting to see who can put them together into a true smart home.

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Only the people on the cutting edge are building smart houses right now.

This is so not mainstream in 2014 because it's too expensive and there's too much fail.

Things need to be cheaper, and they need to just WORK.

Someone has the potential to make a lot of money coordinating all this, totally new marketplace, ripe for the picking.

Which is why Google bought Nest. They want to be a leader in this new marketplace.

Nest is Google's new Android.

As in, Nest will soon run with an Android OS?

Or as in, Nest will soon unleash an open standard for smart devices in the home and workplace?

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