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Anything can happen in the digital age these days!

A number of CNN’s social media accounts and blogs were hacked Thursday by a group styling itself as the Syrian Electronic Army.

The cable news network said its main Facebook account, Twitter feeds and some blogs were targeted and content posted on some of them. The posts, including unauthorized tweets, were deleted in minutes and the accounts have since been secured, it said.

The SEA, a group that supports the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, said in a Twitter message that it had decided to retaliate against CNN’s “viciously lying reporting aimed at prolonging the suffering” in Syria. 



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The dark side of the digital age!!! In the digital age all of the benefits that the internet can provide humanity in a connected world and this includes  support for the most basic and essential services and devices we use and we as a society, and users of technology  depend on, are subject to disruption by internet-based cyber attacks, threats, dangers that use the global computer and devices... as I keep saying from an endpoint of view we truly have no protection, privacy or safety rights and mainly for the innocent users of technology platforms and devices and truly IT can't solve this issue, I believe and the future will be about cyber security.The post talks on vulnerabilities exploited. 

The Snapchat breach that led to millions of user names and phone numbers posted on the Web shows how a startup’s priorities of growth and features can sometimes lead to weak security, experts say.

While the Snapchat break-in was seen as avoidable, security experts had less to say about the hacking of Skype’s official blog and social network accounts, saying not enough details were available. Both attacks occurred this week.

Snapshot vulnerabilities exploitedWith Snapchat, the mobile photo-sharing service made several errors in its use of cryptography and key management, according to Zak Dehlawi, senior security engineer for Security Innovation. Those mistakes led to the perpetrators posting 4.6 million user names and phone numbers on a Web site called The site has been taken down.

On Christmas Eve, Gibson Security, based in New Zealand, posted a lengthy explanation of the vulnerabilities it found in Snapchat security after notifying the company of the problems.


Right #thedarksideofInternet... most people don't quite give a rat's ass what I have been speaking since 2004 and I know for a fact a few will as I know who the supporters are.. especially those who have been supporting the kind of work I am doing for the fight for end point safety, privacy protection digital rights for the innocent humanity and end point side for activists globally when it comes to our end point data and devices. Well nothing these days is surprising me in the digital age. There is a dark side when it comes to the unprotected Internet & technology ... anything for that mighty buck that companies will make. It sure confirms many experts have said ...we have not seen the worst and it is coming I believe this world is unbalanced.........Oh boy I love this piece of information CNN’s social media accounts and blogs were hacked Thursday by a group styling itself as the Syrian Electronic Army.#SEA 

This is a cool video - Cyber Security Evolved 


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