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Geek Stereotypes: Misogyny, Mental Illness and Company Dysfunction in Tech  — Tech Culture Briefs — Medium

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Shanley writes that our society forgive bad behavior because it comes from socially inept people...

The belief that male geeks are incapable of romantic interaction with women that isn’t fumbling, awkward, transparent, and ultimately doomed — the cheap laughs of blockbuster movies — covers up endemic sexual harassment, abuse and assault by male technologists against women in the field.

...when really we should not be forgiving at all.

Bad behavior is bad behavior, no matter who it comes from.

What really shocks me is the endless harassment many women have at tech conferences, on twitter, or via anonymous online services. The entire community should speak up, call people out, and demand better from us as people.

I'm committed to demanding more from our community. 

And I think more people are now than ever before. 

But it still feels like we have a long way to go. 

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