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Romney’s and Obama’s tax plans, in one (new and improved) chart

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Naomi Robbins, who specializes in good graphs, says there’s a problem with that chart. “What bothers me is that over half (5 of 9 data points) of the horizontal axis provides data on twenty percent of the population. This gives the visual impression that Obama is raising taxes on people other than the top few percent and that Romney’s tax cuts also affect more people than is the case.”

the better graph is my icon

Even still, Romney wants to raise taxes on the lowest 20%?!

I can't think of anyone who's in favor of that.

I think the top 60% pay 100% of the taxes, so the lowest taxes are just cutting back low income benefits programs. By definition, it's misleading as it's not a "tax raise".

I'm definitely of the opinion that taking money out of the private sector, while it may solve some near term government spending problems, hurts economic growth in the long run. The blue represents to me, continued government spending. The red? Continued economic growth.

Some statistics do not see it as clear cut as this or that. Govt spending and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. Joyce posted a neat graph about it recently.

I think the discussion needs to focus on the realistic aspects of govt spending matched to national/citizen priorities.

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