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Hope is a powerful tool. All you need is one person to believe in your dreams and innovate the digital landscape.

Have you ever wondered? that one connection with a person over the Internet can ignite something powerful, it could be a positive or negative conversation and it could lead you to a colorful idea or it may impact your life in a positive or a negative way conversations have a transforming effect.

Have you ever wondered? how we are all connected in the information digital age and it has no boundaries, off course you know it.. as you are using your little devices and utilizing the Internet to access. I find empowering conversation taking place with many brilliant people and humanity, with individuals I know and individuals I have never met them face to face and in the digital age we are all connected.  

Times are changing and evolving and the issue of privacy & cyber security remains as to how we as innocent users of technology can protect our privacy rights, when it comes to our data in the 21st century and is  there a solution?.. and here is my answer.... YES there is a solution...if some people took the opportunity to speak with me... I can show them what a group of technologists are doing. 

 I have a story to tell....

Here is a little story and someone who ignited a conversation with me.I was watching #SOTU over the Internet as I don’t have a TV (long story)  here is a FULL TRANSCRIPT on Obama's 2014 State of the Union address  AHHH the grand speech and following some of the feeds over twitter, I responded to Vivek’s twitter status in regards to the minimum wage and I believe it should be hire!!!  although this conversation gave me an opportunity to ask him if I could introduce him to some innovators, technologists and the company I am involved with as they are helping with a possible solution for end point safety, privacy and protected solution for the kind of work I started and began  in 2004. normalized-tmp-52e951b9cf024

Here is a little story, how someone ignited a conversation with me, I guess because he believes in "innovation and women" who have the power to run a company, this is how the conversation takes place. I was watching #SOTU over the Internet yesterday as I don’t have a TV (long story)  here is a FULL TRANSCRIPT: Obama's 2014 State of the Union address ... ah the grand speech. During the live event I was following some of the feeds over twitter #SOTU #TPP #climatechange and #Stopfasttrack as many activists and advocates were part of the TwitterStorm related to Trans Pacific Partnership Stop the TPP: Extreme Internet Censorship - Fight for the Future. I tend to support many activists as I am a digital activist myself working  and speaking about the rights of innocent children, women and activists globally for their digital safety and protection when it comes to the dark side of technology and Internet - many of us don't have end point protection rights.  

So over Twitter, I responded to Vivek’s twitter status in regards to the minimum wage, although this conversation gave me an opportunity to see if I can  introduce Vivek to the technologists and company that I am involved with, who are supporting my work and helping me to  find a solution for end point safety & protected solution for innocent humanity as we bridge the digital divide.  I am hoping the conversation with Vivek will lead somewhere?

 Vivek’s posts are inspiring one in particular click here @wadhwa: Silicon Valley Has a Code Name for Sexism & Racism ... "Firms founded by women are  m ore capital efficient than those founded by men. Women-led high-tech start-ups have lower failure rates. Venture-backed companies run by a woman have annual revenues 12% higher than those by men; and organizations that are the most inclusive of women in top management positions achieve a 35% higher return on equity and 34% higher total return to shareholders.

The boys club won’t easily change. How can we level the playing field and encourage more women to enter the technology sector? These are questions journalism professor Farai Chideya and I asked several hundred women to help answer, in order to create a book titled Innovating Women—which prescribes solutions. In a nutshell, women are turned off by the chauvinism and arrogance of the technology industry. There are many stories of women attending conferences and being groped or disparaged. They tell of venture capitalists who ask humiliating questions such as, “What does your husband think about your being an entrepreneur?”

Women in business tell of being sidelined. Girls tell of being made fun of or discouraged from taking an interest in engineering and mathematics. Women highlight the common stereotypes such as in the film The Social Network in which men were writing code and many of the women were dancing around in their underwear. But women also said that they believe things are changing for the better. More on this post  Silicon Valley Has a Code Name for Sexism & Racism ..."

To all those hardworking women in the digital sector or in any sector, who believe in their vision, goals and have started a start-up we have to stay positive and believe in our vision and dreams, sometimes a great man shows up... in our life and who support our dreams.  I am inspired by Vivek's post it is not only brilliant, it is amazing to read and how he supports women who are innovators and changing the digital landscape in the 21st century.  I say women do have the balls if they put their mind to making their dreams come true.

the flame of hope should never go out from your life

HOPE is our right did you know that!!!! so keep igniting the vision with HOPE and it will come knocking at your and my door step HOPE is a powerful tool built within us  "be human" it our journey in life. Ashie Hirji 

if nothing changes there would be no butterflies

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You mix a lot of topics together but I think your point is this:

You only need one person to believe in you to do something amazing.

You mean on his page re: topic I guess I did ... I like what you stated "You only need one person to believe in you to do something amazing" and I believe in your vision of Pandawhale...

Therefore PandaWhale must do something amazing!

YES because your wonderful platform has given people a voice also.... I really like your platform ...

Thank you Ashie. We have a lot more readers than writers. 

I guess most people don't have time or courage to write. 

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