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2012 Aurora shooting & Wikipedia

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On Sept.11, my young daughter taught me an important lesson. After the horrific news of that dreadful day spread and was shared with the kids at school, she asked to come home and that all TVs be left off in the house. She seemed to be warning me that she needed the quiet to digest the horror. We consumed most of the news that day online and in print. Not video.

I was reminded of it today as we were all shocked by the news out of the theater in Aurora, Colorado. All day today, I found myself avoiding the live news -- hard to do, actually. I didn't even know the details, but I couldn't watch the live news feeds.

When I got home, I found the calmest, most sane summary of the shooting from Wikipedia of all sources. At the moment it has over 60 footnotes which form something of a readers guide to the news. Perhaps you too will appreciate the clear, calm articulation of the facts without the engulfing network news.

I don't know, Barbara. Bad news is bad news, no matter how calm.

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