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A Mystery at the Bend -

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And anyway, the focus is outward, toward the action below. Off the kitchen, a balcony extends over the busy artery. “Everybody who buys a new car in L.A. drives Sunset Boulevard, so I have seen every new car,” Mr. Bridges said, standing out there. “Then we get the crazies with the expensive cars. They’ll come through here at over 100 miles per hour.”

At night, he said, the boulevard calms: “The traffic dies down to nothing and you get this observational platform, with a view of the whole canyon. At night, this place is incredible.”

While he was building the house and afterward, Mr. Bridges was swamped with curious onlookers, and he figured interest would fade away, but it never has. Tour buses still slow to a crawl on Sunset. Architecture students knock on his door. Even when he is far from Los Angeles, his home’s notoriety precedes him.

“I met some guy up in Alaska in the middle of nowhere who was trying to describe this crazy house he had seen,” Mr. Bridges said. “I remember the guy was slightly drunk and it took a long time to get it out, but then it dawned on me that he was talking about my house.”

100 miles per hour?! Geez.

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