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Muscular West Coast Worker Is on Way to Build New Tappan Zee -

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 6,000-mile voyage that began before Christmas in California, where it helped build the replacement for the earthquake-damaged eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

the Lifter thrilled Panamanians accustomed to passage of mammoth cruise ships, battleships, container ships and even the occasional nuclear submarine. Journalists recorded the passage of the behemoth, which, in a supine position for transport, resembled a modest-size bridge with a tall A-frame. Scores of tourists mounted the balconies of the Miraflores visitors center to gape at the odd giant.

“I’m amazed something so big can float,” said Jean Lonsdale, a 65-year-old traveler from England.

The merged 6,750-ton contraption, whose assembly was completed in 2009 near Shanghai, is one of many novel pieces of consortium equipment that were not available in 1955, when the current Tappan Zee was completed, or in 1964, when the New York area’s last major bridge, the Verrazano-Narrows, opened. But by its sheer scale it may become an emblem for this 21st-century bridge. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who pressed for the project, wants to rename the crane the “I Lift New York.”

Surprisingly good pun for Governor Cuomo.

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