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Russian men losing years to vodka

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The risk of dying before age 55 for those who said they drank three or more half-litre bottles of vodka a week was shocking 35%.

Overall, a quarter of Russian men die before reaching 55, compared with 7% of men in the UK and fewer than 1% in the United States. The life expectancy for men in Russia is 64 years, placing it among the lowest 50 countries in the world in that category.

It is not clear how many Russian men drink three bottles or more a week. Lead researcher Sir Richard Peto of Oxford University said the average Russian adult drank 20 litres of vodka per year while the average Briton drank about three litres of spirits.

"Russians clearly drink a lot but it's this pattern of getting really smashed on vodka and then continuing to drink that is dangerous," Peto said.

"The rate of men dying prematurely in Russia is totally out of line with the rest of Europe," he said. "There's also a heavy drinking culture in Finland and Poland but they still have nothing like Russia's risk of death."

I am coining the term "potato widow" right here, right now.

If only they would smoke marijuana instead of drinking vodka, they would add years to their lives.

Russia also uses 21% of the heroin yearly, the largest amount of any single country.  Something is not right over there.

It took me a year, but I'm doing a double take.

I guess that makes Afghanistan strategic to Russia, doesn't it?

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