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Total autonomous warfare -- we'll just fight out our wars in BF12 online

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It's like oxygen, everyone has it on the battlefield and it can be taken away in various forms.  Technological warfighting can be the same.  Why even involve humans in warfare at all?

Isn't there an episode of Star Trek where wars happen without humans fighting?

I keep lobbying for War Game 2, but they keep not making the movie!  There's a couple other plots that keep floating around with similar concepts through the years. 

For all we know, and taking the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy seriously, Earth is just one big computer simulation fighting a proxy war. 

Yay HHG2G.  I believe I have mentioned this reference before too... Toner Wars.

Oh wow, that has come full circle. Btw I always thought it was abbreviated THHGTTG?

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