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Google selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo

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Analysis of Earnings Report:

"Google estimated the value of Motorola's patents (of which Google will retain roughly 80 percent, with Lenovo getting the rest) at $5.5B USD.  So by Google's own valuation it's retaining about $4.4B USD in value, putting it about $2.3B USD in the hole on the deal."

Google Q4 2013Google Q4 2013

This coupled with the news that the Nest team will lead hardware is very interesting.

Google essentially traded Motorola for Nest?

In essence, yeah, it kind of seems that way, which is cool to see that they were able to actually pull it off.  They acquired and retain Motorola patents, genuinely imparted value into Motorola's products, then got MUCH more of what they wanted in Nest (and its patents).  If I were at Google anywhere close to hardware/robotics, I'd be very very excited.  This seems a win-win for both Google and Lenovo.  These M&A deals are so interesting to me.

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