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Chronic pain: Millions suffer, missing non-drug options

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Many people with chronic pain are terrified that if they move, they will damage themselves further. But nothing could be further from the truth.

We really could do a lot better in this country with pain management.  Pain medicine is given out with very little instruction from your prescribing doctor, and all the other things that can be done to help with pain are left up to the individual to discover, so it's a very hit or miss policy.  The only time people get more instruction is if they get themselves into trouble with their pain meds, then they get sent to pain management classes.  People would do better to have some detailed instruction, once it is determined to be a chronic pain situation.

The one thing that people need to be careful of, when starting to increase exercise/activity, is if you are taking pain meds, they will block the bodies natural ability to detect pain, so one can get injured more easily if pushing too much.

The article is saying to exercise for pain relief INSTEAD of taking medication.

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