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An America that is no longer cannot stay that way: Religion, politics past & present

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The longer that G0D has been forcibly removed from the public domain, the more presidents and other officials have shied away from invoking His name in public except in platitudes (and some, indeed, were wholly unworthy of being taken seriously even if they had spoken of G0D in a substantive context). And the more G0D has receded from being perceived as the Source of all morality, the less our young people have been raised with any semblance of ethics or values that derive from anything beyond their desire for self-gratification.


Is this trolling?:)

IMO, God is not a necessity for morality.  You can find immoral people within religions and  without.  Most of us know right from wrong, regardless of our religious upbringing, and religion has had some very devious, immoral people in their fold.  Religion is not a cure-all against immorality, though for some it may help. 

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