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How can you make yourself luckier?

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okay 1. This makes perfect sense... and means I'm going to need to stock up on xanax... *sigh*

and 2. I found this link on Andrew Sullivan's blog (one of the biggest out there and read regularly by Obama) so congrats on the new exposure, Eric Barker!

Also, even tho this all is likely true (certainly passes the smell test), it's kind of disheartening for an introverted aspie like myself: I've always believed I've had a statistically improbable degree of bad luck in my life. However, in light of this reasoning, that I'm far more responsible than I've wanted to admit. That's depressing (in more ways than i'll ever express in public). :-(

On the other hand, it also means there is always, surprisingly, hope... if I claim it, and take it, and own it, and dominate it. And if I reminisce... my greatest achievements have always occurred in that context... :-)

Jason, you have wonderfully described what it's like for me putting all these blog posts together. Learning what is best, optimal, correct or at least better means *constantly* being told "You've been doing this all wrong your whole life." It can be enervating. The upside is you now know the answer and can get better. It's worth it. If it wasn't I'd stop blogging. :)

Life is easier for the naturally optimistic, but even natural pessimists can improve their happiness level.

Martin Seligman, the founder of the Positive Psychology movement, began studying optimism because he himself was a natural pessimist.

And once you know that there are interventions that work, it's simply a matter of trying them until you find the ones that work for you. Or at least, that's what my naturally optimistic self believes!

Life is easier for the optimistic.

I should print that out and put it on my wall.

This article makes perfect sense. In order to get opportunities, you need to be open to opportunities.

I also think it's important for a person to find the core block of interests.

Aimless search for opportunities will definitely bring some opportunities, but will these be the best?

I think lucky people know what they want and then being open to opportunities, they consider good.

Ah, this is one of the oldest topics on PandaWhale:

This paragraph merits repeating:

Wiseman included exercises to increase chance opportunities, such as building and maintaining a network of luck, being open to new experiences, and developing a more relaxed attitude toward life, as well as ways to listen to hunches and to visualize lucky interactions. After carrying out specific exercises for a month, participants reported back to Wiseman. “The results were dramatic: eighty percent were happier and more satisfied with their lives— and luckier,” Wiseman summed.

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