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15 foods you can regrow from scraps!

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18,000 Facebook shares can't be wrong! The Healthy Hybrid writes:

Various plants (in no particular order) that you can regrow from the food you already have! Woot! Way to reuse and recycle! I constantly have green onions and celery growing. (And potatoes/sweet potatoes but that just because they decided to do that in my pantry.



Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes

Green Onions and

Leeks same technique as green onions

Carrot Tops


Romaine Lettuce Same technique as celery

Cabbage Same technique as celery







Bonus: Bok Choy

Ok, so actually that's 16 foods you can regrow from scraps.


There's always something in season!

just don't give the carrot tops any steroids...

Ha. In general don't give your plants any steroids.

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I once tried to do this with an avocado and it was a HORRIBLE FAILURE. :(

Why does this not work with apple pie? Anyway, that's probably a good thing. These are all healthy foods. And people usually buy healthier food for their dogs than for themselves. Our minds often play tricks on us when it comes to food.

The economics of potatoes makes them suitable for a first try:

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Another good read: A simple fix for farming...

This is my pineapple plant, it's between 2 and 3 years old and now has my baby pineapple!

pineapple plant with baby pineapple

Deirdre, that's awesome! Looks like that pineapple is coming in nicely.

Thanks Adam!! It's a little bigger now but hasn't come up and out of the plant just yet. The pineapple I took this top off of was delicious too!!!

That sounds excellent. I'm going to have to try that myself someday.

Fresh pineapple does sound very appealing!

I have also used the root end from a white onion and put it in dirt and it grows green onionsĀ 

Thanks for the tip, Brenda! I will have to try my hand at white onion growing...

Lately I've been looking into vertical gardening, too:

Vertical Gardening - The Ultimate Herb and Spice Rack! - PandaWhale

Here's what I've learned so far:

have you seen these? Uses no soil:

Thanks Brent, will check it out.

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